DCI provides services for a variety of projects of varying scale ranging from large tracts such as a 100-acre commercial development, all the way to small, single acre sites for a specific end user. DCI utilizes their knowledge of how people use these spaces to create the best solutions for each project.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering at DCI involves more than designing a site to function well. Our engineers, through years of working together with our landscape architects, are more aware of the topography, landform, aesthetics, and natural resources of our projects. Whether it is a roadway, a site development, or an infrastructure improvement, our engineers prepare their plans to create an exceptional end product based on the desires of the client.

Landscape Architecture/Planning

DCI provides landscape services with an emphasis on the understanding of how people will use the spaces being designed. Through the use of materials, observation of lifestyles, and new technologies, we work to create an environment that is sensitive to use of topography, landform, natural resources, infrastructure and building, thus creating a more livable and sustainable project.


Surveying is an integral part of the design process at DCI. It is viewed as the most important first step to any project. It must be accurate and complete because it is the foundation which all design work is built upon. Our surveyors look for anything that could cause issues with a project by doing extensive research through title work, past surveys and available information related to existing utilities to create a complete picture for our design team.