Shackleford Crossings Little Rock

  • DCI Scope Of Work:
    • Planning & Approvals
    • Survey
    • Civil Engineering
    • Landscape Architecture

Shackleford Crossings is a 101 acre shopping center located in southwest Little Rock. When the client purchased the property, it was bound one two-lane road and a major bypass (I-430.) There was only one occupied lot on the property at the time of purchase, the rest was forested land.

DCI assisted with the layout of the center in various configurations of tenants and aided the client by producing plans for marketing to various tenants. Once primary tenants had been confirmed DCI produced construction documentation and walked the documents through the city approval process.

The plans not only included the plans for this site but for the re-alignment and expansion of the adjacent street including three new traffic signals. Additionally, the intersection at I-430 was re-worked, including the widening of the Shackleford bridge.

The shopping center was designed with a lifestyle center type core with big box retail on the perimeter. The client wanted long lasting tenant flexibility with the core buildings. As such, all of the core buildings are at the same elevation. In order to accommodate drainage, a pedestrian scaled trench drain system was used at the gutter line along the sidewalk. This system enhanced the driving experience through the center as well by limiting abrupt changes in slope throughout the drive.

The efforts of the design team allowed the client to procure anchor tenants in a time frame which helped sell the center to other tenants quickly.

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