U of A Hillside Fayetteville

  • DCI Scope Of Work:
    • Survey
    • Civil Engineering
    • Landscape Architecture

The project consisted of the removal of the old Science Engineering auditorium and replacing with two new auditoriums within the hillside. The concept was to make the bulk of the building disappear into the hillside and create a pleasant outdoor space on the top of the building.

This was achieved by the creation of three separate green roofs. The upper green roof is an intensive, deep section green roof and supports on-grade type planting, as well as a plaza area for students to congregate and have events. The transition from the on-grade to on-structure is imperceptible at the upper level. The middle and lower roofs are extensive green roofs (thin section) and are viewing roofs with only vegetation. The result is a building which recedes into the hillside and appears as a series of terraces.

This building received LEED Gold certification and is one of the largest green roofs in the state of Arkansas.

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