UAMS West Central Energy Plant Little Rock, AR

  • DCI Scope Of Work:
    • Survey
    • Civil Engineering
    • Landscape Architecture

The University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) West Central Energy Plant was built to provide cooling, heating and emergency electrical power to parts of the UAMS campus. The plant also provides services to the Arkansas State Hospital and Department of Health. The energy plant is expected to save UAMS in yearly utility bills and
The plants electrical capacity can provide electrical power to all UAMS patient care areas with the use of six diesel engine generators. The plant can operate for up to forty-eight hours before refueling in the event of bad weather. The generators also allow UAMS to provide its own electrical power during peak demands on the local electrical provider.
The West central energy plant also contains several offices and a conference room. DCI worked with the design team to provide a layout that will allow for parking and fuel truck truck access.

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