Acxiom Data Center Little Rock, AR

  • DCI Scope Of Work:
    • Survey
    • Civil Engineering
    • Landscape Architecture

Founded in Conway, Arkansas, Acxiom is a marketing technology and services company with offices worldwide, and is now headquartered in Little Rock. Acxiom desired to place a data center adjacent to their west Little Rock office. Their requirements included a site that meets a high security level, is attractive, but requires little maintenance. They required a site which met a high security level and desired to have an attractive, but low maintenance site. The data center is placed on a forested site in west Little Rock with an adjacent lake.

DCI worked with the design team to create a site which focused on creating an attractive view of the building nestled in the landscape by tucking the parking on the opposite side of the building from the street. Tree preservation was another focus of this project as there were many existing large oaks on the site as such, layout and grading was designed in a manner which was sensitive to the locations of these trees. 

The site consists of a divided entry with a formal auto-court with visitor parking on the far side of the site. The perimeter landscape consists primarily of a buffalograss lawn with drought tolerant shrubs and native trees mixed in with the existing trees on site. The landscape at the center of the site is punctuated by more traditional ornamental plants. The result is site project which provides a pleasant backdrop to the modern architecture of the building while also meeting the client’s request of a low maintenance site.

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